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How to make orange and coconut semolina cake

There is a freshness and delicacy here that combines well with tea Semolina cake can be best enjoyed with tea or Arabic coffee (bateekh.w.jebneh/Instagram) By Marah Abu-Dieyeh and In'aam Shaheensource was these huge sacks of oranges which I couldn't help but buy.Good thing that I did because inside were the sweetest, most flavourful oranges I've ever tried. So you can can imagine what this lovely dessert - which I've based on basboussa, a popular Middle East cake - offers in terms of flavour and smell.Drench it in simple syrup and it combines with the semolina and coconut to deliver a real chewiness that contrasts neatly with the crispy, golden brown crust. There is a freshness here that plays on the...

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