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10 Best Notebooks for College Students

Studies like this one by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer show that those who take notes on laptops tend to fare worse in conceptual evaluations than those who write out their notes longhand. The mechanism here essentially boils down to the efficiency of typing itself. Because people are able to write so much more quickly on a computer, they tend to reproduce the content verbatim, rather than framing it in one’s own words. This removes the critical thinking aspect of note-taking, however minute, that leads to deeper understanding and memory. For all your note-taking needs, here are the top ten best notebooks for college students:

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What to Consider Before Creating Your Presentation

When you are tasked with a presentation, there are a lot of circumstantial factors to consider before putting pen to paper —or, more appropriately, content to slide. Whether you are gearing up for a big meeting, speech or pitch, you’ll want to make sure your presentation looks fantastic—and you can’t do that without some planning.  With the help of a great PowerPoint design agency, you will be able to pinpoint these defining factors. Take these elements into consideration to create a presentation that is engaging and organized, and clearly conveys information. These are the elements every presenter needs to consider before designing their presentation: Content: What Type of Information Are You Sharing? Does your presentationincorporate images, videos, charts or graphs?...

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