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Keto Lime Curd Tart is an easy and delicious dessert for your Keto lifestyle

Joanie really outdid herself with this one. The sweet/tart taste lasts on your palate. The almond/coconut flour crust tastes like shortbread. It is light and flaky with just a touch of graininess and crunch in the crust. Her creation has all of the tang of Key Lime Pie, but with a curd style filling. The best part is a large slice will have only 6g of net carbs! Lime curd is thick and made with traditional ingredients – fruit, butter, eggs, and sweetener. It is easy to transform a very decadent dessert into a low-carb masterpiece simply by substituting a sugar-free sweetener in place of the normal recipe sugar. Joanie likes to bake with Erythritol, but you could also use...

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Italian Easter Bread is Italy’s answer to Hot Cross Buns

Full of symbolism and tasty as well!   When I first made this cake, I only used red colouring so the bread looked like Greek Easter Bread instead. Whether you use multi-colored eggs, red eggs or uncoloured eggs, this bread will be the crowning of your Easter table. This bread is particularly significant in a few ways. Firstly, three strands of dough are plaited, symbolising the Holy Trinity. Then the ring symbolises the crown of thorns which Jesus was forced to wear. Finally, the eggs represent both the five wounds inflicted on Jesus Christ and also new life and rebirth.   If you’ve never made bread before or used yeast, you still won’t find this too difficult but you may...

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Yes, an Instant Pot Is Worth Getting

Welcome to Cookware Week! We’re sharing our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, the best recipes to make with every piece, and exclusive sales for Chowhound readers. You’re probably familiar with all the things the Instant Pot promises by now. Pot roast in about 45 minutes. Perfect hard-boiled eggs. Tender ribs and pulled pork in a flash. Cheesecake with no cracks in it. Steel-cut oatmeal. With an Instant Pot, these dishes are all possible with less time, mess, skill, and fuss. No wonder people still won’t shut up about it. It truly is the kitchen appliance of our times (though the air fryer is another contender). If you still...

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