On est vendredi et les turfistes sont nombreux a attendre les analyses et les pronostiques de notre consultant hippique, Mark Neisius

L’ancien jockey pense que Rule The Night sera redoutable même sur 1400m. Après avoir remporté la première manche des 3ans facilement, une autre réussite pourrait lui permettre de se rapprocher du titre dans ce championnat et succéder ainsi à Zodiac Jack. Pour rappel, le cheval d’Alain Perdrau sera associé à Manoel Nunes.

Avec à ses côtés le jeune Shaheel Ayadassen, notre expert en la matière décortiquera la carte de cette 12e journée. En fin d’émission il nous donnera son banker et son ‘value bet’ de la journée.

On The Mark #12: Rule The Night sera redoutable


Why You Should Switch to Non-Toxic Hair Care, Like, Now

It’s no secret that we’re fans of all-natural beauty here at team Cov—we’ve already switched up our skincare, makeup, and even deodorant. But now it’s officially time to jump on board the non-toxic hair care wagon. We’ve heard that most toxin-free products leave hair looking and feeling less than impressive, but after one trip to Mauricio Hair, a clean beauty salon in New York City, and talking with founder Mauricio Artunduaga, we had all the reasons we needed to make the switch. We left with the same great salon hair we’re used to and a bag full of products (including our new favorite brand, O&M) ready to try at home. Consider this our mission to get clean, healthy-looking hair without all the not-so-good-for-you ingredients.


Because the Color Experience Now Sucks

Getting your hair dyed now is a process, and while ammonia-free dyes won’t take time off the treatment, it will at least make it more enjoyable. “The [color] experience is completely different. It doesn’t burn, it doesn’t produce fumes, and the hair color will have better quality and be more durable since there is no ammonia in the color formula.” Plus, the chemical-free dyes last longer, which means fewer trips to the salon.


Dandruff Is Not Cute

“Ammonia-free and PPD-free hair dyes are less harsh for the scalp, meaning allergies will happen less and won’t cause dryness or dandruff after the process is done.” While we know this isn’t something that happens to everyone, non-toxic products reduce the risk, and that is something everyone can get on board with.


Your Hair Will Actually Look Healthier

Shiny hair will be yours. “Since the products have less toxins and more plant-derived ingredients, your hair is more nourished and hydrated than conventional hair brand products.”


You No Longer Have to Stop Dying Your Hair When Pregnant

The American Cancer Society has warned that the chemicals typically found in hair color can be unsafe for sick patients, pregnant women, and the salon workers. But the toxic-free products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as women who have weakened hair from chemo treatments.


Healthy Hair, Healthy Life, Right?

By switching the products you use in your hair, skin, and makeup, you can almost immediately see a drop in the chemical levels in your body. This can restore your hormones back to normal levels and reduce your risk of skin irritation, respiratory problems, and even cancer.

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