Day 89

Today has been busy and great so far. I cleaned my entire upstairs, including sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. I washed the mountain of meal prep dishes I left in the sink last night ( okay, it was mostly kids cups, and tiny bowls) and cleaned up the kitchen. I also vacuumed the stairs, because anyone with a cat knows cat hair goes everywhere. Now that the house is all clean I can focus back on prep.

What is being prepped today you ask, chicken two ways. I currently have Italian seasoned chicken and veggies baking in the oven and I also have a piece of chicken in the crock-pot with buffalo sauce that I will shred. I also boiled two bags of brown rice and two bags of quinoa then mixed them together in portion containers. I posted a few days ago (Meal Prep Shopping List ) that my In-Laws are coming in to town on Sunday so I’m not necessarily making completed prep meals, I am more prepping ingredients of complete meals and keeping them separated for now. I can build a meal fairly quick by having items ready like proteins, and grains.

Today’s meals were simple since I have been cleaning all day. My meal plan is consisting of 1200 calories since I am using it for weight loss, and since I am not able to get in the gym everyday (my gym needs a kids area). So what did I eat today?

Breakfast:                            img_20190802_092952

  1. Avocado toast
    • Two slices of whole wheat toast topped with a smashed and split quarter of an avocado, and thin sliced cucumbers seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little fresh lemon juice with a side of about 15 grapes. (185 calories, 5g protein, 33g carbs)



  1. Twisted Caesar salad
    • I used one of my prepped romaine and baby spinach salad portions and added 2 Tbs of Caesar dressing, the other half of my grilled chicken breast from last night, and about a quarter cup (when dry) whole wheat bow tie pasta. (331 calories, 23 g protein, 27g carbs)  img_20190802_112636




  1. Italian seasoned baked chicken, rice and veggies with Tzatziki sauce
    • I am using some of the brown rice and quinoa blend that I prepped today with the roasted veggie and Italian chicken I also prepped today. I bought a great tzatziki sauce so I will add a bit of that on top. (350 calories, 32g protein, 43g carb)





  1. Chocolate chip banana bread
    • I had already made a loaf yesterday so I split that into 16 half slices.  (193 calories, 2.5g protein, 30.5g carbs)
  2. Grapes and boiled egg whites
    • I am weird and really dislike egg yolks (which is great calorie wise). I had boiled some eggs yesterday so I had 2 boiled eggs, just the whites, seasoned with salt and pepper, and a bit of grapes about 15. ( 85 calories, 13.5g protein, 13.5g carbs)


Tomorrow I plan on mowing the lawn, which is usually fairly decent exercise, and I want to get into the gym. I am also planning on getting honey from the store so I can make granola tomorrow, because I need granola for yogurt. Literally I can’t eat yogurt without granola. I need a crunchy texture, not just runny yogurt. Also, I want to take a second to say the sauce on my dinner picture above is from OPA Life, and it is amazing. It’s their feta dill, and I loved it, it is a must try!

I am really excited for these next 88 days, and I hope you guys stay on the full journey with me. Tomorrow I am going to add a picture of me from the gym, so I can have a point of reference to see how focusing on meal prep and healthy eating will affect my body. Small update about school. I received an email today that they want me to join Phi Theta Kappa, which I understand to be an honor society type “sorority”, but it says I have to pay a $100 membership fee. I found that odd. Maybe it isn’t odd, and I have just never heard of this. Have any of you heard of this? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

As I said before, we got this!