7 Storage Ideas to Steal from a Clever Kitchen Remodel in Australia

We recently revisited an old Remodelista post by Meredith about a kitchen rehab in Melbourne, Australia. We were drawn to the many smart storage solutions—from the ingenious use of awkward nooks to the hardworking kitchen island—that interior designer Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio, designed into the space. Here are some highlights.

Photography by Christo Crocker.

1. Utensils Hung in Front of a Window

Bell Street Kitchen by Hearth Studio
Above: Having a window above a sink is always a good thing, but when the view isn’t the best—in this case, the homeowners look out onto the weathered brick facade of a neighboring building—why not treat it like a wall and hang cooking tools from it?

2. Open Cubbies Used to Store and Spotlight

Above: Trotter is also a stylist—and it shows in her designs. Open cubbies, alongside closed cabinets, allow homeowners to both store and show off pretty cookware, ceramics, or dinnerware.

3. Dead Space Transformed into Thoughtful Storage

Above: Most people would think the sliver of space between the refrigerator and the wall would be unusable, but in Trotter’s hands, it becomes storage slots for cutting boards and oven pans.

4. Large Sliding Doors that Fit into a Narrow Space

Above: Having sliding doors on a wall of ceiling-high cabinets allows the homeowners to walk through this narrow passageway unimpeded.

5. A Toast and Tea Station for Convenience

Above: Trotter’s clients often work from home, so she designed this nook to be their tea and toast station for easy snack breaks.

6. A Kitchen Island that Prioritizes Storage

Bell Street Kitchen by Hearth Studio
Above: The kitchen island has storage on all sides. On the side opposite the sink, Trotter designed an alcove for a microwave.

7. A Built-In Marble Pastry Board

Above: Knowing that her clients were avid bakers, Trotter added an integrated marble pastry board on one end of the island.

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